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Some recommended options for a short date include meeting up for coffee, a drink date in the evening, or a lunch date during the weekday.

Keep your schedule flexible Make sure that your first blind date would not coincide with other concerns such as work, especially if you are planning to make your date longer.

In that way, you would feel more relaxed in getting along with your blind date. If you do not feel the connection or chemistry with your date, you can simply make an exit right after.

Make sure that a friend knows where you will be and at what time. However, if you are interested, you can stick around some more or arrange to meet up again in the future.



Another good body language is to face your belly button towards your date, an indication that you are interested to him or her.

Being mean and inconsiderate does not make a good impression. Remember that conversations are supposed to be two-way, so don’t forget to let your date talk and listen to what he or she would say. Asking too much about your date’s particular detail would make him or her uncomfortable as you are stepping into the bounds of privacy.

For instance, do not ask too much about your date’s virginity after he or she revealed that your date hasn’t had any sexual encounters.

You have probably read some horrible blind dates on the web or, worse, on TV.

But having a blind date doesn’t have to be that bad.

Prepare yourself First impressions always last, and it’s really important to create that good impression on your blind date.


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