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The fact that the Dutch guest has this full video and therefore knows about this, makes him a troll/faker.Because this behavior is unwanted, the posts are removed. She already said on numerous times she is not working with Hegre again.Such films and massages would be the greatest aesthetic achievements in the universe.On behalf of millions of Emily fans, do accept this request. Hello French Guest : DI think that you will be proved right:-Emily's Bloom website,and possibly some other partsor all of the My Free Cams network?Business is better than ever thanks for your concern. Also staying in LA isn't exactly cheap so unless he got more then two models lined up for shoots (last time he was in LA he shot Emily and Eden) he is not going back to LA.And FYI every model has a wishlist and asks people to buy her shit, that doesn't signify anything. She did post a link on Twitter to her Amazon wishlist, which contains a number of items - mainly expensive photographic equipment. For the most part she was annoyed about a friend breaking something of hers. I believe she'll be shooting with Holly for Playboy.It appears that the only orgasms Emily has her in work these days are in her Bloom shows.

Many scenarios can be explored - such as Extreme Restrains Part 2, 16 hands massage part 2, etc. Of course, experiments out of the comfort zone would be welcome too. Furthermore,her guest models on her own website The Emily Ariel, Red Fox, Heidi Romanova-Vanessa, Malena Fendi-Black Cherry and other models - many of whom have done explicit and orgasmic stuff on other websites - don't do this kind of stuff on Emily's website: They do what Emily does - softcore teasing-titilating-token stuff........

So quit being bitter and either move on if you're not happy with what I'm doing, or jerk off quietly. Not entirely she still shoots stuff for her own site plus there is still a chance for her to work with Playboy Plus again but as far as other sites go she doesn't work for them anymore. She has her own website, and there will be plenty of good solo stuff there. She is very active on Twitter and is very friendly, and will answer any reasonably question from fans.

Met Art might still have one or two unreleased sets of her though. The sets (except a few unnecessarily experimental), the films, the massages, all make your heart skip a bit. She's not going to work with Hegre, and is not going to do any b/g stuff - she is probably bored of these questions.

Hegre and Emily must collaborate for Emily's full potential is still yet to be realized even by Hegre. But it could be hoped that before she does she gives Hegre and Skokoff enough material to last long, very long. She can invite Hegre to shoot her for her own site. She is already getting regular acting gigs on pretty steady basis already.

More films and massages (with whatever scenarios Emily is comfortable in). She lives in LA for over two years already and before that she lived in NYC for over a year so there is no way she will work for Skokoff again and she already said on numerous occasions she doesn't want to work for Hegre again either. Nude modelling might not be her dream job and new models come. But Hegre and Emily should and must collaborate - especially for films and massages. On her social media she is very clear that she will only do some (in my opinion not so interesting) camshows and her own website (again for me not that great at all)All repect for her, but i think this girl is gonna disappear from erotic work soon. Soon enough she will make enough money from just acting that she doesn't have to supplement her income with camming on MFC and her own site.And she probably will never do this kind of explicit stuff on film again,apart from having orgasms on her Bloom shows.


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