Benefits to updating the firewall infrastructure

In Azure Stack TP2 there are only a handful VM sizes, but at GA a lot more VM sizes will be supported, although not all VM sizes can be accommodated yet because they require specific hardware configuration.The minimum Azure Stack configuration requires at least four compute nodes.The built-in cache has the following characteristics: Because the initial integrated systems offered at GA have only HDD and SSD, Azure Stack will not yet be able to support The Azure Stack storage configuration consists of a single storage spaces pool per cluster with one Re FS file system per server which accommodates the addition and removal of resources.Adding or removing a physical disk rearranges and spreads the data blocks across the disks, taking fully advantage of alle available physical disks, unlike a Windows Server 2012 R2 storage space, which does not benefit from better performance when adding physical disks to a pool.The Health Resource Provider (HRP) processes events and produces alerts which can be accessed via a REST API, allowing both the Azure Stack portal and other monitoring tools to consume the health data.The next diagram shows a multitude of S2D events which are tracked.Each Azure Stack hyper-converged host requires a single dual-port 10Gb NIC that supports Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for SMB Direct and can either be Ro CE v2 or i WARP. For the initial version of Azure Stack, Microsoft decided to go for the hyper-converged model which combines Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct in a 4-node cluster as a minimum Scale Unit.Future incarnations of Azure Stack may also support the converged model which separates the Hyper-V compute cluster(s) from the Storage Spaces Direct cluster(s).



Each Azure Stack rack can contain one or more Scale Units (hyper-converged clusters) and contains three switches: Each hyper-converged node contains a 2-port 10Gb (or faster) physical NIC.The minimum hardware requirements per Storage Spaces Direct cluster node are: It is more likely that a modern 2U server can hold at least 8 to 12 large form factor (LFF)capacity disks.


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