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Locals tend to be quieter and a bit more reserved than Mainlanders. You are no better than anyone else and likely there’s someone nearby ready to “crack you on da head! There’s a song that goes: “Don’t worry, be happy,” which is somewhat Hawaii’s creed. When you’re with a Hawaii girl, don’t take life seriously. You're always making me feel special because you have no obligation to spend time with me, but you do anyway.You are like a mother to me because of your never-ending words of advice, but also more of a friend because you spend hours of filling me in on all the new family gossip.But thank you siaa but being such a "good" friend, so happy to have met someone so gila as you and happy birthday to us June babies, still owe you a slice of cake since i wasn't around to celebrate your birthday.

Our total damage there was like 200-300 each person because the beautiful lace trimmings was so expensive (for me la) and we bought 10 meters each that alone felt like a stab into my heart or wallet, whichever it still hurts.

If you’re dating a girl from Hawaii, expect to be grilled by her parents, siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins. Once, my friend was sailing with a group of tourists.

Not that everyone is outdoorsy, but in Hawaii basically the only thing to do is take advantage of the beautiful land around you — surfing, hiking, fishing, sailing — just get out there with your girl.

But in PJ the only convenient place for me to get lace is spotlight as they have quite a large variety of designs & colors but they can be quite expensive though when it all adds up :( Ok, i already said KL is far so bangi is even FURTHER that's like the middle of nowhere already but guess my curiosity got the best of me so Yingtze & i decided to take a roadtrip down to bangi just to check them out.


Sounds macam orang gila mission and no doubt thinking back it is kinda siao la.

But it's okay la, kinda enjoyed the long drive to and fro from bangi with this aunty (we are both old already la, no denying just look like loli trap only) because she has alot of nonsense to tell me and each of them makes me want to bang my head on the steering wheel lol, seriously what is this man.


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