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These include: Family violence is about gaining control, not a lack of control.If an abuser is careful about when, where and to whom they are abusive, then they are showing sufficient awareness and knowledge about their actions to indicate they are not out of control.These behaviours indicate the abuser is choosing to use a system of power and control over you.Questions (Answer Yes or No) If you answered yes to any of the above questions then family violence is happening in your relationship.Leaving an abusive relationship is a different experience for each person.Some abusers increase the level of threat or violence, holding the survivor or children hostage, making repeated unwanted phone calls or visits, or threatening to harm the women’s family or friends.Regardless of whether physical abuse has occurred or not you are being abused, and your safety could be at risk.

Whether the violence or abuse has happened once or many times, you are at risk.

Whilst the risk of staying may be very high, simply leaving the relationship does not guarantee that the violence will stop.

In fact, the period during which a woman is planning or making her exit, is often the most dangerous time for her and her children.

Recognising that you might be in an abusive or controlling relationship can be difficult; speaking to another woman who can answer your questions could make all the difference.

If your relationship doesn’t feel right and/or you are fearful, then call safe steps for confidential support and information. safe steps will support you to put in place a safety plan and strategies so you and your children are safer when the time comes to leave, breaking free from the violence and beginning a new life.Many women are frightened of the abuser, and with good reason.


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