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(25 seeds) - .50 Certified Organic Seed Pencil Pod Black Wax: 56 days. (UNAVAILABLE FOR 2017) (6 Varieties to choose from) Purple Dove: 60 days. Super early and productive, old-fashioned string type bean, small pinkish seeded, pods turn red at maturity. Pods are about 4 inches long and are green with purple streaks. Attractive white seeds with an off colored red orange pattern. (25 seeds) .50 Certified Organic Seed Red Peanut: 50 days. - .00 Red Peanut (Organic Seed): Same description as above. 6 to 7 inch green pods that tend to be produced at the top of the plant reducing damage in wet conditions. Very large flat pods over 1 inch wide from 7 to 12 inches long. Our primary goal here is to make sure we can get as many of them spread around as we can. Snap beans are used for what people typically call green beans and when the bean seeds are immature. Plant as soon as frost is past in rows 3 feet apart with plants 3 inches apart for best yields. A shell bean is used for the bean seed and not for the pod.

There are dried shell beans that you eat after the pod is dried and the seed has matured.

(25 seeds) - .00 (Limit 1 Pkt.) Certified Organic Seed Roma II: 55 days.

Excellent for freezing as they hold color and texture well. Excellent freezing type, straight green pods with white seeds.

(253 varieties to choose from) [ Bush Snap | Bush Shell | Pole | Misc. (25 seeds) .50 Certified Organic Seed Early Idaho: 50 days.

| Lima | Soy | Fall ] Return to seed category search page Seed ordering information: read before ordering Download and print seed order form [PDF format] We had high hopes of increasing more of Tom Knoche's collection this year but the bean beetles and rabbits reduced seed increase considerably.

Perhaps this year will be better and we can continue to enlarge the bean collection.


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