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Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society and American And Apolo has been digging into his past trying to figure out some of his background. So if you want to know anything about your relatives, your friends that you connected with, you can go to this one easy tool.

) Plus, a flock of Russian birds that have gathered pieces of antique documents in their nests. And David has another free database of the week from NEHGS! Robin Smith from 23and Me talking about some of the new report features that are available. Plus later in the show, very excited to have Olympic speed skating champion Apolo Anton Ohno on for a segment! So now in the new experience, basically what we’ve done is, centralize all that information.

Plus, Tom Perry from TMCPlace.com, the preservation authority, talks about a listener question regarding audio for interviews. David: Yeah back in 1841, Alexander Young published a book in Boston containing a letter from Pilgrim Edward Winslow. “Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling that we might after more a special manner rejoice together. Apparently if you’re a pigeon, you’ve heard the term pigeon hole and putting things away. Of course you know birds will store away any piece of straw or string and what not, and build a nest to keep their chicks warm. I have very few things that belonged to him for his service, including a postcard and a couple of photographs. So all this sequencing data has been published lately and so now we’re really able to pinpoint exactly where the Neanderthal ancestry is.

And you’ll be interested in hearing what the journey’s been all about for him. On the right hand side you’ve got all the different reports that we offer. Tom: [Laughs] Fisher: And [laughs] he is our Preservation Authority from Tom: Well, now that my secret’s out, not very well. He’s got it all soundproofed, but it doesn’t much matter if the camera’s getting the vibration into the internal microphone. He’s reducing a lot of problems, but just like anything, the weakest link is going to be your problem.

And coming up next is Dr Robin Smith from 23and Me talking DNA on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show in three minutes. It is Fisher here, your Radio Roots Sleuth, with my guest, Dr. So I’ve been working a lot on the new Neanderthal report and also on some of the tools we’ve been developing, for example the share and compare tool.


And so you can see for example; let’s say you are 5% Italian, you can go back one generation and say oh your father was 10% Italian, and then go back one more generation and see your grandparents were 20% Italian. Host Scott Fisher with guest Tom Perry Fisher: Hey welcome back to America’s Family History Show, Extreme Genes and Extreme So what I suggest you do is, go to and get a good mount that you can put on your camcorder, but it has rubber cushions so it will isolate your microphone from the vibration of your camera. Make sure your buddy’s paying attention to what you’re doing.

I have wood from different vessels, The Constitution. And now for this piece of German cannon I have another piece of WWI history and not make my neighbors feel like I’m going to shoot up their home. [Laughs] David: [Laughs] Ok, my tech tip: As genealogists and historians, you probably noticed you accumulate a lot of books, or do you notice occasionally you buy duplicates or you get gifts of, “Oh thanks, I already have that,” and you end up regifting it? You can basically download it; it has a barcode reader if you have a camera on your phone; you can scan in that barcode; it automatically finds the book and adds it to your catalogue. David: You can then search by the title; you can search by the author. Now these are all data bases at NEHGS at American have done with the collaboration with Family Search and we’re very glad for that partnership. First of all, let’s talk about the Neanderthals report. Well, you may know that Neanderthals were a sort of sister species. They were a little bit broader around the torso and had brow ridges and what not.

David: And I think for historians and people who are trying to get a touchstone, you know you pick up a rock from a battlefield or something from where your ancestor served or where they lived or a piece of a brick from an old house or a solavel, it allows you to have that three dimensional connection. Library Thing is a free app that you can download from the i Store. As you know, as always, for our guest users that sign up, we have two data bases, Essex County, Massachusetts original public records from 1635 to 1681and birth, marriage and dearth, and German church duplicates from the 1790s to 1870s. Fisher: Let’s go through some of these things a little bit of the time here.

David: And I don’t know if they brought home doggy bags from the first Thanksgiving. I think Family Histoire News may have been done by pigeons in Russia, at one point. [Laughs] David: You know I always love a touchstone of history, and of course for New Englanders, we never throw anything out. You can get one and I bought a small part of a German cannon on e Bay this week for . So basically most modern humans, present day humans that are outside of Africa have a signature of these Neanderthals in their genome. In the old report we had around three percent, my mother was in the higher.


I mean selective news stories of historical interest. Who needs a bookstore registry when you can have your own? I actually had rather high numbers on that, which may explain my forehead and extra facial hair. Smith: [Laughs] Fisher: Let’s talk about that a little. Where does this number generate from and what is the normal range here? They went extinct around 35,000 years ago, 40,000 years ago. And at some point they interbred with humans before going extinct.

So you can do that for any of the reports so it’s quite a useful view for looking at how things are inherited. Fisher: Because I know this is going to be something that’s going to keep pulling you back, especially when you’ve got all those Samurais back there glowing at you, you know. Fisher: Well, don’t athletes ultimately use things, like anything they can use as a motivation, right? And paying attention to who’s talking, so they point it at the right person.



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