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Superman takes a serious pummeling, but somehow refuses to fall down; he stays on his feet all through the beating.Finally, Ali stops the fight, intending to call for a technical knockout, but Superman then falls face-first on the canvas (making the knockout more than technical).Muhammad Ali was part of DC's oversized series All-New Collectors' Edition, officially numbered #C-56.By the late 1970s, Superman had already been paired in the comics pages with real-life American icons like John F.


With the match underway, it soon becomes apparent that in battling with more or less equal strength, Ali is the superior fighter.

In December 2009, DC Comics announced it would publish two hardcover reprint editions of Superman vs. One edition reprinted the original story at its original treasury size, while a deluxe edition (featuring a new cover by Neal Adams) included additional content dating back to the original book's publication.

Following a tip-off, Jimmy Olsen leads his friends Clark Kent (secretly Superman) and Lois Lane into a ghetto district of Metropolis for an exclusive interview with Muhammad Ali.

Since then, Stella and Kristen have been spotted out and about around LA.“Kristen also seemed very happy with Stella around,” it contiued, “They weren’t affectionate, but definitely acted very friendly and like they had the best time hanging out. She is always very smiley and has a cute personality.”Kristen ended things with her girlfriend Alicia Cargile earlier this year, after which she dated musicians So Ko and St Vincent, while Stella was tied to Miley Cyrus after they were spotted kissing in May.


Muhammad Ali is an oversize celebrity comics comic book published by DC Comics in 1978.Ali personally takes care of Superman and orders him brought back to Earth to recuperate; a move which leaves Hun'Ya pondering.


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