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Professor John Ermisch at the institute of social and economic research at Essex University and Dr Roger Ingham, director of the centre of sexual health at Southampton University – found that comparing teenage mothers with other girls with similarly deprived social-economic profiles, bad school experiences and low educational aspirations, the difference in their respective life chances was negligible.

Teenage motherhood may actually make economic sense for young women with less money, some research suggests.

Teenage pregnancy puts young woman at risk for health issues, economic, social and financial issues.This movie is a combination of horror movie/coming of age movie.The story of misfit early teenagers going through that awkward prepuberty years.Many teen parents do not have the intellectual or emotional maturity that is needed to provide for another life.


Factors that determine which mothers are more likely to have a closely spaced repeat birth include marriage and education: the likelihood decreases with the level of education of the young woman – or her parents – and increases if she gets married.This part of the story has a feeling of an King movie, Stand by Me.


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