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To Advertising Agencies

If you have to place several clips on some major Runet video portals as part of an advertising campaign, you can do it easily with our service. All you need to do is register and upload ad videos, and the posting will be done. You have a chance to do it incognito. In this case, we will use one of our previously created accounts that contains a little bit of history comprised of posted videos, written comments, etc.

Everyday you will be able to see detailed viewing statistics and track uploads on popular websites and blog hostings. We have taken care of your convenience, so that reports are presented in all popular formats, including xls and pdf.

As soon as a video clip gains a little bit of popularity, there will be ‘another wave’, when users begin to spread your ‘virus’ and at that moment our unique similar video search algorithms will be there to help you. Our system will not miss a single viewing, and all links to second wave videos will be added to the reports. Your clients will be glad!

Now the beta-version of our service is waiting to be opened for testing. Please, keep watch of our previews.