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Here’s what I’d like to know: How can this possibly be worth such a massive up-front investment? The participants are mostly journalism educators who use this project to give new journalists multimedia experience.

Our goal in this session is to show them cutting-edge and unusual tools to spark their — and their students’ — imaginations. Continue reading Someone might want to tell CNN: TV is a two-dimensional medium.

David Cohn runs the Beat Blogging project for New, and he also works with News Trust . Here’s what Dave has to say about where he thinks journalism might be heading, and what he wants to do to help it get there: blogs, business, careers, collaboration, community, content management, Content Style & Business, contributed content, conversational media, creativity, credibility, critical thinking, culture, distribution, education, experience, forums, General, innovation, journalism, Labels and Metadata, media evolution, mindset, mobile, networking, news, PR & marketing, processes, projects, research, Resources, search, services, skills, social media, Strategy, traffic, transparency, Wikis, world challenged me (and her other readers) to translate my quick list of what j-schools should be teaching into a something more testable and measurable that could be translated into a curriculum.

Plus, he runs a great blog of his own and is a constant presence on Twitter. Here’s my first shot at that: Today I started pulling together a bunch of stray threads that have been nagging at me for some time.

Here’s a quick roundup of what I’ve covered there since late February… 2: Apple rejected Sony’s new e-reader app from its app store — a move that makes Murdoch’s lavish investment in The Daily look even riskier… will hold a press event to unveil the first-ever i Pad-only newspaper, . This week I’m in Los Angeles, where I’ll be leading a group presentation on online interactive and visual tools that can make news, stories, and context more vivid and compelling than ever.


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On election night, CNN debuted a new type of eye candy into its coverage: three-dimensional video interviews with reporter Jessica Yellin and rapper Will. Here’s what it looked like (Note: CNN’s embedded video just went flaky, but that article on CNN contains a playable version.) And here’s why this stunt was such a bad idea…


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