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If University is installed, the player has the option to send a teen to college, where they will first live as a young adult; otherwise they will skip ahead to the adult stage.

In The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories, when a child becomes a teenager, their aspiration can be chosen by the player.

In The Sims 3, if World Adventures is installed, teens can travel abroad by themselves.

Also, Teens cannot be taken away by the Social Worker.

If Nightlife or later is installed, turn-ons and turn-offs are also assigned at this point.

However, if the "age NPCs" feature of Free Time is used to age a child townie to a teen, the player will not be able to choose that Sim's aspiration, turn-ons and turn-off.

This is the only legitimate way for a teenage Sim to have a romantic relationship with an older Sim.

Teens can take on new responsibilities such as getting a part-time job after school or on the weekends, though they still cannot hold a full-time job. They can also live on their own if both parents die or if all the older Sims in the household move out of their home lot.


Notably, if one of a teen's close relatives (such as a parent or sibling) has or once had acne problems, the teen is significantly more likely to get acne too.

Teens do not have curfews, and can remain on community lots for as long as they like.


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