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And finally, in the area of Lincoln County known as Kane Springs, yet another half-dozen sites were detected, with projectile points and flakes with an equally ancient profile.

[See more 12,000-year-old points, including the biggest point of its kind ever found: “Over 1,000 Ancient Stone Tools, Left by Great Basin Hunters, Found in Utah Desert“] Together, the newly found sites are providing the best view yet of the distant past in this corner of the Great Basin, Adams said.

Although there are multiple bars and events for gay males, there’s not necessarily a lot that is overtly available for the queer women’s and trans community here.After mapping the land with GIS, aerial photos, and other tools, the researchers pinpointed and then ranked the most promising locations in the study area.“These areas were then ground-truthed and resulted in several landforms of interest,” Adams said.Being queer here is awesome if you’re at all into nature!


Within a ten-minute drive from downtown, you can be in the mountains, hiking or skiing in one of the numerous and beautiful canyons surrounding the valley.

“The Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative offered an opportunity to create, and refine, a technique using GIS that would more effectively identify where these rare site types are located on the landscape,” Adams said.


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