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Contracts are typically 1- or 2- years in duration and are renewable on-site.

If after much thought you feel that you do not want to stay, you are free to return home.

This allows them to save many times what they do back home.

Only senior administrative (e.g., Director/Head of a Clinical or Non-Clinical Department) and physician contracts provide married-status contracts, which offer family members accommodations, travel, and health benefits.

The hospital will provide any medical treatment and emergency dental procedures you require.

In most cases, you will not be covered for basic dental care.

After you obtain your residency permit (igama), you will be able to leave and re-enter the country for a short trip that doesn't use leave days, e.g., for a weekend trip the UAE.



Thus, it is a good idea to purchase travel health insurance, when you leave the city in which you are employed, even if it is to travel within Saudi Arabia.Relocation and repatriation airfare are typically provided by the employer. works with the hospital to arrange your flight from your point-of-hire to the city where you will be working. Nor, for logistical reasons, can the hospital honor requests to fly specific airlines, or accommodate requests for additional or extended stops on your way to Saudi Arabia.


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