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The rooms were nicely decorated and, unlike most motels, had good lighting even though the exterior design of the motel indicated it probably had been built in the 60's.

The grounds were very spacious, very good for children run around to get some exercise.

It is very close to some shops, fuel and restaurants.The Community Playthings business is based here, and our members work in the workshop in addition to their other duties.Our location also runs the Bruderhof’s Breaking the Cycle program, which delivers anti-bullying and conflict resolution assemblies to middle schools and high schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There was a good refrigerator/freezer and a microwave.


The bed was comfortable enough and the air conditioning was cold.

Continue by Dori Moody There are times when small is beautiful.


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    The words that come to mind are "deluded nasty females" there is not one decent woman on here. Every guy on here, even the ones that look like Bill Gates, think they are a player and it makes my friends and I laugh our asses off." and this is pretty much every ad on here?!

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