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A few weeks ago, I read that Molly Sims and Aaron Eckhart were dating.

I think I even read it in this Fox News 411 story, where Molly confirmed their couple status by nodding her head and saying “Aaron’s a great guy! Anyway, we didn’t report it because who really cares, right? His receding hairline bothers me a little, but I like that he hasn’t gone for a bad rug or plugs (cough cough Piven cough).

A very sudden drop on their relationship but Kristyn Osborn since then is believed to be single.

Caption: Actor and singer were together for one year in 2006 until 2007.

Finding out about his life is a difficult one as he keeps it in a tight lease, but we got the latest and the greatest hits on his love life and dating history.

Hidden or not, we unveil the secrets in his relationships.

Caption: Back when the couple was first dating throughout 1998.

His ex-fiancée, Emily Cline is his first recorded relationship, who is now a forty-seven-year-old film actress, She also co-starred in the movie “In the Company of Men” along with Aaron where they first met.

While the family later moved to Australia, Hawaii and Switzerland, landing in Surrey was a shock.

“Oh my God – I thought I was going to Mars, if Mars was a prison,” he laughs.

The confirmation on 11 December 2009 led to a dispute between the couple for openly acknowledging their private life, as he is known to be, and ended it though the phone.


After which a source gave some inside on how the relationship went down “Molly was surprised that he ended it with her – and by phone – but she was starting to realize he’s not right for her.

Caption: Bussiness woman and handsome actor another rare photo of Aaron's ex in 2007.



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