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Now in its 35rd year, the Barbara Hicks Geslock Women’s Forum continues to grow and serve our community.

If you would like further information about our organization please contact us.

C., the Catholic Women’s Forum grew out of a 2014 symposium on women and the Church organized by Mary Rice Hasson, Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and Helen M.

Alvaré, Professor of Law at the Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

Our networking events draw together hundreds of Catholic women leaders, providing fellowship, faith formation, and professional insight.

Our well-received first book, (2015) expands the conversation on women and the Church and is a resource for women’s groups, diocesan offices, and Catholic laity and clergy; two additional books are in publication. Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary Kim Daniels, Principal, Communications Practice Group, GP Catholic Theresa Farnan, Consultant, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Margaret Harper Mc Carthy, Assistant Professor, John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family Meg Mc Donnell, Executive Director, Chiaroscuro Institute Catherine Ruth Pakaluk, Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America Deborah Savage, Professor, St. Thomas Elizabeth Schiltz, Professor, University of St.

Members of the sponsoring organizations assist on Forum day by helping participants enjoy a memorable program. In fact, women from around the state of Virginia and Maryland attend the forum each year.

Several businesses donate items each year for Forum day in support of our mission to bring this special day to the women of this area.


Our mission is to amplify the voice of Catholic women—within the culture and the Church—in support of Catholic teachings. John Paul II wrote that women are specially tasked with “bringing full dignity to the conjugal life and motherhood” and “assuring the moral dimension of culture…a culture worthy of the person.” (, 51).

If you are leaving to view a video on a third-party website, the views expressed in the video are as of the date in the broadcast.

The positions expressed in this material are those of the author and may or may not be consistent with the views of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Our Gender Project, initiated after our 2016 symposium on sexual difference and gender ideology, provides expertise, consultation, and resources to assisting various dioceses, seminaries, and Catholic apostolates in countering gender ideology and promoting Catholic anthropology. Thomas School of Law Hilary Towers, Developmental Psychologist and Author Ethics and Public Policy Center 1730 M Street, N.


Our website promotes a variety of successful Catholic outreaches to women (ENDOW, Walking with Purpose, Women with Grace, and the National Council of Catholic Women, among others) and highlights the work of inspiring Catholic women (theologians, philosophers, ministry leaders, psychologists, economists, attorneys, and others), whose work serves as a voice to the culture and a resource for the Church.

Our affiliated scholars bring their expertise to various audiences within the United States and abroad, providing insight, commentary, and analysis through writing, speeches, and media interviews.



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